Keep Your Car Cool Even Without Air Conditioning

Here in Summit County the summers can get rather warm with the sun beating down on the buildings, cars, and land. If you happen to drive a car without air conditioning, then you know better than anyone just how warm those days can feel. Not to worry, we’ve come up with some great tips to help keep your car cool even without air conditioning. This includes everything from where you park, to finding an automotive window tinting Summit County service company.

Shade is Your Best Friend

While this one may seem like an obvious tip, often we are in too much of a rush to think about where we are parking. Don’t just think about what is shaded at that moment, but where the sun will be upon your return. If you are parking in the same place for a full day, be sure to find a spot that will have afternoon shade at least.

Crack Open Your Windows

Another way to beat the heat is to leave your windows open a couple of inches. This isn’t enough for someone to get a hand/arm into the window, but it will allow for air circulation within the vehicle. All that warm air that is building within the car will have a way to escape, making your drive that much better.

Consider Window Tinting

Window tinting is another solution that can be applied on any vehicle. You can choose the color and depth of the tint, which will help to cut down on the heat inside the vehicle. At the same time it acts like sunglasses for your car if you will, so as you’re driving it won’t seem so bright.

Stay Cool and Comfortable

There’s nothing worse than driving around in a car that feels like a sauna, so taking the time to follow a few tips is well worth it.

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